Aqua Chemical Nutrients-ACN To PureSan

ACN Chemicals was originally founded in South Africa by Egon Wegrostek in 1994 when he made a chance discovery that certain combinations of metal ions have phenomenal disinfecting and purifying properties when used in water treatment. Ever since then, the family has researched how to harness and improve these properties.

After the Passing of Egon in 2008 and and his son Oscar in 2013, his remaining two sons Mel and Ivo went their separate ways, with Mel moving to Europe operating under ACN Chemicals UK and Ivo launching PureSan in South Africa to avoid any confusion.  The family recipe remains a secret rather like Coca Cola.

Having undergone rigorous testing of the original product, the products, manufactured and produced under the guidance of Ivo, overcame many hurdles and were accepted in several countries including many European states where they were subject to the most stringent testing leading to the most impressive results.

There are a number of African states using the equivalent product as their main product in their water treatment plants.

Ivo Wegrostek has continued to produce products from the original family facility and is in the process of building a state of the art manufacturing and bottling plant built to laboratory standards to enable PureSan to meet demand for the products. 

The journey has lead to an holistic product range which has grown into a range of treatments including swimming pool water and protection against legionella in cooling towers, water distribution system, point of use system and virus protecting sanitizers and dermatological/wound treatments products.

All products are produced to ISO 9000 standards.

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