Pure Vet

Pure Vet is a point-of-use water treatment which can be used both as a preventative and a treatment for certain bacteria and viruses in animals.

Products for both domestic animals and livestock use ensure clean drinking water that prevents bacteria harmful to animals and helps prevent and treat Biliary in dogs and worms in sheep as just two examples of this great product.

  • Pure Vet prevents and treats harmful bacteria in animals.
  • Pure Vet is an Environmentally Friendly solution that contains No Alcohol dilution.
  • Pure Vet is a Cost Effective way to treat your animals on a daily basis, providing a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pure Vet kills fleas and ticks by a phenomenon of altering their metabolism and thereby incapacitates the disease causing organisms. Pure Vet can thus be used to prevent and treat Biliary.
  • Giardia lamblia – is a protozoa which causes diarrhoea and abdominal discomfort. Giardia infects humans, but is also one of the most common parasites infecting cats, dogs and birds.