Pure Pro

The active ingredients of PureSan Pro solution form a precipitate as they react with bacteria, algae and dissolved solids etc., and therefore become used up. Dosing should be carried out in such manner as to achieve optimum residual levels of active ingredients once the initial precipitation reaction has taken place. The maximum copper and silver ions concentrations of 1.00mg/l and/or 0.05mg/irrespectively should not be exceeded. The dosage of this ionic solution needs to be properly assessed, designed and maintained as part of an overall water treatment programme.

  • The most concentrated of the range of chemical products Manufactured by PureSan. It is a liquid and supplied in a variety of high impact drums for bulk applications. No toxic or harmful by-products are formed in the purification process. In respect of the quality of the water being treated, the ratio at which PureSan Solution is dosed into the water can vary from 1:1000 to 1:500000 litres.
  • Removes and disinfects the biofilm which forms in pipes, canals and water systems without causing corrosion.
  • Prevention of infection of water systems by water born bacteria such as legionella, yersinia, shigella, salmonella, cholera and coliform bacteria.
  • Disinfection of water systems contaminated by water born bacteria such as legionella,yersinia, shigella, salmonella, cholera and coliform bacteria.