Virus Control

 Powerful broad Disinfectant, against Bacteria, Virus, and fungus.

Powerful Broad disinfectant against Bacteria, Virus and Fungus, of fast action, antiseptic. It eliminates the following micro-organisms: HIV, Monkey Aeruginosa ATCC15442, Estafilococos Aereus ATCC 6438, Salmonella Aeruginosa ATCC10708, E. Coli ATCC 0157: H7, Listeria Monocytogenes ATCC 11543, Enterococo Faecium ATCC 6569, Rhino Virus (common flu), Rota virus (infectious diarrhoea), and N1H1 virus.

Cleaner of fast action(In a single step), disinfectant, eliminates bacteria, suitable for all type of surfaces, does not need rinsing, odourless and easy to use, colourless, without flavour, non-toxic, non-corrosive, stable solution, noni flammable, residual micro road activity of 24 hours, broadband action, does not induce bacterial resistance, of easy dilution with other products, biodegradable, patented world-wide. Uses for hospital and clinic disinfection, food industry, etc.

It’s a slightly more concentrated form of Pure drop that is revolutionary. Most if not all anti-bacterial hand sprays/washes/creams last for a duration of 15 minutes before the product essentially wears off. PureSan Virus Control will last up to a staggering 72 hours and protect against further bacterial growth. PureSan Virus Control can be used by anyone without fear of skin irritation as this product is alcohol free. The product can also be used in operating theatres instead of harmful chlorine products.

  • Eliminates all known harmful bacteria and viral matter.
  • Prevents cross infection.
  • Totally effective for wound disinfection.
  • Guarantees completely sterile surfaces, instruments, utensils and medical equipment.