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Safe, fast, chlorine-free swimming pool sanitiser.

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A revolutionary range of chlorine-free swimming pool sanitiser designed for easy cleaning and maintenance of both domestic and commercial pools.

And even if you currently use traditional chlorine-based swimming pool supplies, it’s easy to switch

“Pure Pool” is a saturated complex ionic aqueous solution containing copper, silver, zinc, aluminium and gold. The microscopic action of these natural mineral ions with the algae and bacteria are twofold. First, the algae and bacteria in the water are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes as the ions break down their DNA structures and cell walls. Secondly, all these charged particles floc together so they can be trapped by a filter. The ions maintain a stable “Pure Pool” residual in the water until they are used up by this process.

Typically a swimming pool with a volume of 60,000 litres of water only needs to be dosed with up to one litre of Pure Pool every 4 weeks and during the low season the pool will use significantly less during the winter months. The pH needs to be tested using the PurePool Pool tester and maintained at between 7.0 and 7.4 with 7.2 being the desired target. This can be done as and when necessary using the PurePool pH+ and PurePool pH- powders. The PurePool solution is dosed by pouring half the dosage amount directly into the filter intake and pouring the other half of the dosage amount evenly around the pool.

The residual level of PureSan is to be monitored by testing the water for copper content, using the Pure Pool Pooltester. The target level is 0.4-0.8mg/l of copper. It should be noted that the UK and EU maximum allowable limit for copper in drinking water is 2.0mg/l, so your pool water would be well within this limit.

The advantages and desired effect of this pool treatment solution will be to improve the quality of the swimming pool water and drastically reduce the exposure of swimmers and lifeguards to chlorine and its irritating and harmful effects such as asthmatic conditions.

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